Winster Dos and Don’ts


...BE FRIENDLY. Winster’s motto is friends help friends win prizes. If you are trading game pieces with another player, do your best to help them complete their puzzle and they will hopefully do the same for you. A great way to let someone know you enjoyed playing with them is to rate them a Thumbs Up. However, if you would rather play by yourself, please purchase a Day Pass/Membership and create a Private Room and play by yourself. I understand that sometimes we just want to be left alone.

...BE POLITE. If someone offers a trade, say Thank You and if someone thanks you, say You’re Welcome It takes one click and lets other players know you appreciate their help. Swearing, racism, hateful speech and disrespectful comments are not tolerated. Player will be banned after two warnings, depending on severity of issue. If you witness a player breaking these rules, click on the Report Abuse link and our staff will review the conversation captured during gameplay.

...BE COURTEOUS. If you are multi-tasking or need to step away, please remember to use the BRB button to let others in the room know that you will be right back. Otherwise, other players in the room may get upset if they attempt to trade pieces with you multiple times. Also, when playing Slot Social, if you enter a JP (Jackpot) room and you don’t want to play JP, politely leave and find another room. And vice versa, if you enter a room with players not playing JP and you want to play JP, please find another room.

...BE MATURE. Players must be at least 18 years old to play on Winster and we expect you to play like an adult. If someone is bothering you, please ask them to stop, and if they continue to harass you, block/ignore them and report the incident to Support. Photos containing nudity or inappropriate content will be removed immediately.

...BE UNDERSTANDING AND PATIENT. Some of our new players may not immediately know how to play our games, so please be patient. Just remember, at some point you were a newcomer and didn’t know how to play. Also, keep in mind that some of our players have limited mobility or low vision, which may result in slower learning curve because they cannot type as fast or see everything that’s going on.


...STALK PEOPLE. If a player asks you to stop contacting them, leave them alone. If we receive multiple complaints about your behavior, we will notify you about the complaint and ask you to stop. If the behavior continues, we will disable your account. Winster is a safe and friendly environment.

...BULLY OTHERS. Threatening or demanding game pieces is not allowed. Although players are encouraged to collaborate, it is not a requirement. If you offer to trade a game piece and they don’t return the favor, make a mental note and opt not to trade with them in the future. Updating your Friend’s List will help you keep track of the friends you enjoy playing with.

...SPAM. Players soliciting unwanted marketing materials and links to other players will be banned. Please do not use to provide content with a commercial purpose or attempt to solicit funds or advertise goods or services. Do not upload or provide infringing, defamatory, obscene abusive or illegal content.

...IMPERSONATE USING MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS. Players with multiple accounts will be suspended or banned. Our terms and conditions state that you must register using your real name and are expressly prohibited from creating multiple registrations or accounts for use by the same person. You are not permitted to use automatic programs to play, upload, or download data, open accounts, or otherwise interact with

But Most Importantly...

...HAVE FUN! Winster offers fun games, new friends, and free prizes. Our games are designed to encourage collaboration and positive social interaction among old and new friends. Winster fosters a sense of community, so relax and have some fun!

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